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Going Door-to-Door To Fight The Opioid Crisis

Real estate professionals are knocking on doors with information on how to get rid of unused medications

sdar weicheltVern Lovett is not a doctor — but he is licensed to sell homes. And that means the San Diego real estate professional could have more luck than a licensed physician convincing his neighbors to get rid of potentially deadly prescription drugs in their homes.

Saturday morning, Lovett put on his walking shoes, recruited his nephew for backup and took to the streets of his Mira Mesa community to knock on doors. His mission: To spread the message that medications no longer in use can easily end up in the wrong hands — and kill.

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4 Ways to Purchase Faster and Smarter

If you're about to embark on the home-buying process, you want to know how to buy a house the quick and smart way. The process typically takes two to three months, but in a seller's market with low inventory and strong buyer demand, it could take six months to a year—or longer. But what if you could cut that time in half, without having to make any sacrifices? You’d do it, right? Of course you would. Well, you’re in luck! Take a look at our recommendations for buying a home the smart way.

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Sell Your Home by Stealing These 8 Hotel Secrets

You know the feeling you get when you check into a high-end hotel—the kind with sumptuous bedding, chic décor, and breathtaking views? The feeling of never wanting to leave? That vibe comes by deliberate design: Everything in that hotel was artfully staged to create a welcoming, luxurious environment to make guests feel pampered. Now, imagine a potential buyer walking into your home and feeling those same feels. If you can re-create a high-end hotel experience in your house, buyers will swoon. After all, you're not just selling a home—you're selling a lifestyle! Here’s how to captivate buyers by capturing the vibe of the best hotels.

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Inspectors Can Predict the Future—and 8 Other Common Home Inspection Myths

After seeing dozens of duds, you’ve found the perfect house. You’re all set with pre-approved financing and a grand vision of how you’ll make this place look fabulous. Best of all, after some nail-biting negotiations, the seller has finally accepted your offer. You’re done, right? Well, not quite yet. There's still the home inspection—arguably the most important step of the home-buying process. Simply put, it can make or break the sale.

Of course, you probably know that the inspection is meant to, well, inspect the house and suss out any problems. But you may very well be making some sweeping—and perhaps false—assumptions about how these professionals work. It can be confusing, we know. So join us as we debunk some of the most common home inspection myths.

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