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New Del Mar City Council Sworn In

Mayor Carl Hilliard and Councilman Mark Filanc stepped down and new members Al Corti and Sherryl Parks and incumbent Don Mosier wore sworn in to four-year terms at the year’s final City Council meeting Dec. 4. Reading from a resolution of appreciation, Hilliard praised Filanc, who has served since December 2008, for his “cut-to-the-chase, do-it this-way” approach to projects and “systematic, logical approach to community issues.” He described Filanc, who owns a construction company, as an “enormous asset to the council and community,” adding that his engineering knowledge helped the city save money.

“He served this community extraordinarily well,” Hilliard said.

New Mayor Terry Sinnott described Filanc as “a very strong family man” who made a major contribution to the city while maintaining his sense of humor.

Offering some parting advice, Hilliard said, “If we are to survive as a city we must continue to be creative and innovative, not afraid to take on big projects.

“We must diversify our revenues, monetizing unproductive assets,” he said. “Securing non-tax cash flow should be a priority for the coming council.

“Explore the opportunities to consolidate facilities and services,” Hilliard added. “This is the window of opportunity, when the bond rates are low and building costs are lower. Seize the moment. Do not get wrapped around the axle of small stuff. Do great things. It has been a great pleasure to work with you. … Thank you so much. Good bye and good luck.”

City staff presented the outgoing council members with personalized street signs – Hilliard Court and Rue de Filanc. Hilliard also received a gavel, while Filanc was presented with a plaque and, because he is a sports enthusiast, a soccer ball autographed by two-time Olympic gold medalist Rachel Buehler, who grew up in Del Mar.

Mosier, Corti and Parks were the only candidates who ran for the three available seats in the Nov. 6 election.

“May your learning curve be steep because there’s a lot out there,” Filanc said. “But it’ll be fun. You’ll enjoy it.”

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