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Carmel Valley Real Estate Investors Finding Success

Low prices, low interest rates and a steady supply of distressed homes on the market have made for a “perfect storm” opportunity for Carmel Valley real estate investors in 2012.  Individual investors are looking to either buy and hold rental properties for long term appreciation, or to pool capital in order to rehab and flip single family homes in North County for short term profits.  The real estate market in San Diego is offering unique opportunities to investors of all income levels, though it’s critically important to work with an experienced operator/realtor who has the track record and system in place to take full advantage of today’s buying opportunities.


In the real estate investing world there is an expression that states “you make the money on the buy” which stresses the importance of acquiring the home at the right price.  Across San Diego County, from the South Bay to Carmel Valley homes and Encinitas real estate, real estate agents are scouring the MLS, auction listings and private sellers for the right opportunity to buy properties that are in need of repair but offer upside through their location, school district, orientation or rental demand.  Sometimes these houses are bought via a short sale, bank owned listing or regular equity sale and with fierce competition from other buyers, investors have to be disciplined in not overpaying for a property that still needs to be fixed up.  The key is to turn the homes as quickly as possible to minimize the market risk and take advantage of the low level of inventory when it comes time to resell. Renovated homes tend to command top dollar and thereby help pull up real estate values for neighboring homes.

Source - The Carmel Valley Life

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