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New homeowner protections go into effect Jan. 1

The New Year will bring more protections to California homeowners, mainly those who are trying to save their properties from being repossessed.

The Homeowner Bill of Rights, signed by the governor this year, is a set of new laws that puts the onus on banks to help consumers through the foreclosure process. They go into effect Jan. 1. The legislation, lauded by housing advocates and heavily criticized by the lending industry, forces banks to:

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A Tricky Transition from Housing Stability to Strength in 2013

Some level of certainty and stability returned to the U.S. housing market in 2012, providing a solid foundation for the market to build on in 2013. But there are still significant risks that threaten this hard-won stability and could trip up some local markets trying to make the tricky transition from stability to strength.

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Holiday Baskets Bring Joy

Children smiled and pointed at toys, parents sifted through winter jackets and expectant mothers debated on the perfect baby blanket. It was a typical holiday shopping spree except for one big difference, it was all free.

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